In This Together Cambridge Memoir Project

Stephanie Melo from SS Bookkeeping and Taxes and Chelsi Rodrigues from Whole Health Strength & Fitness created the In This Together project in May 2020. The focus of the In This Together Project was to get locally owned businesses in Cambridge to come together to support one another during this Covid-19 pandemic. A memoir to remember that locally owned businesses are trying their best to make it through this pandemic. The In This Together project had 19 different locally owned businesses sponsor the project.

Full List of Businesses & their Instagram handles:

• Cameo Promotional Products (the company creating the apparel items)

T-shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts and Hoodies which featured the In This Together logo and the hashtag #inthistogether on the front and all 19 business logos on the back with the hashtag #shopcambridge were sold and 100% of the proceeds from the apparel items went to local essential workers in Cambridge as a “tip & thank you” for serving the community during this pandemic.

Stephanie and Chelsi want to thank everyone who purchased an apparel item.

Stephanie and Chelsi went around to six local businesses in Cambridge on May 24th and handed the donations to local essential workers and filmed it all. You can find the trailer on YouTube titled “In This Together Cambridge - Donating to local essential workers Trailer”
full Vlog coming soon!

Link to video: Trailer of Handing out donations

Stephanie and Chelsi described it as "amazing" to see how thankful these local essential workers were to receive a tip. "It really brightened their day".

Stephanie and Chelsi want to thank everyone who supported this memoir project and can’t wait until the apparel items arrive!

They want to remind you;

Don’t forget to post a picture and hashtag #inthistogethercambridge when those who purchased a shirt or hoodie receive them in the next week or two.

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Consultation has concluded

Admin Commented Lil B over 3 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us for our Archive project. It is great to see the community continuing to come together throughout this unique situation. ~ Liliana, City of Cambridge
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