COVID-19 Pandemic 2020 in Cambridge Ontario-My Experience

Thursday June 04, 2020

It has been a long 10 weeks so far. I reside in south Cambridge in Galt. I am on disability and I have mobility issues. That said, my chin is still held high And I get our when I can. My son had his birthday on April 17, he had to have his cake and gifts dropped off at his driveway. See pictures above.

I have my mobility scooter so getting to the store has been no problem, getting some supplies has been hard. There is now toilet paper on the shelves but the disinfectant cleaners and wipes are still sold out. I wear a washable mask and disposable gloves each and every time I go out. Almost everyone is wearing a face mask of some sort and social distancing of six feet or more. I have enjoyed the sunshine from the pedestrian bridge across the Grand River, between Parkhill and Cedar(hwy 97). The walkway beside the river is just beautiful, the river on one side and flower beds, trees and bushes on the other side. The wonderful individual shops are doing all they can to serve their clients in a safe and responsible manner. All of them have a great attitude and are very friendly. You really must come by and see what all these shops and the general area have to offer. Please wear a mask when visiting our shops, it is the new normal way of going out.

I have had no problems at all with money flow. I am on disability so my government and insurance cheque’s kept coming without delay. I know of many that have had their jobs put on hold or lost altogether, including my son.

The world has been dealing with COVID-19, now we are dealing with the riots and protests because of a police officer killing a black man George Floyd, in the USA. There was a Black Lives Matter march in Kitchener yesterday for this very reason.

My hopes are that we all build a herd immunity from this Covid-19 virus. I’m not keen on having to take a manufactured vaccine that is owned and controlled by Bill Gates, but that’s a different story.

All in all, the pandemic has affected me very little. My PSW’s come every morning but visitors have all but stopped. I am sure others have stories of dread and heartache, but I am good so far.

Mr. Christopher Langevin

Ainslie St. S.

Cambridge, Ontario

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Admin Commented Lil B over 2 years ago
Thanks Christopher for sharing your experience with us and helping us create a local time capsule of the pandemic. ~ Liliana, City of Cambridge
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