Cambridge Gurdwara
39. Cambridge Gurdwara (Siri Guru Singh Sabha) 1070 Townline Rd., Cambridge,, Built 2017, Design: H. Dhir Architects Inc., Etiquette in the Gurdwara – what you need to know: • Modesty is key in a Sikh temple; all are asked to wear clothing that extends below the knee • Please plan to cover your head when visiting; coverings provided • A Sikh temple is an alcohol-free, tobacco-free, drug-free space Siri Guru Singh Sabha is the new location of the Gurdwara (Sikh temple) of Cambridge, previously located across town. This building opened in 2017 and serves hundreds of families in the community. It is now home to the essential feature and focal point of all Gurdwaras, the Sikh holy scripture, which is the head of the religion. Doors Open visitors are invited to tour the main areas of the facility, which features a large prayer hall as well as a community kitchen. Every Gurdwara is open to individuals from all walks of life and all religions. • Parking • Wheelchair access • Washrooms • Guided Tours