Floodline Walk  Kitchener
15. Walking the 100-Year Floodline: Kitchener Guided walk: 2 p.m. Walk 90-120 min. Rain or shine. Sturdy footwear recommended. Gather near the bandshell on Roos Island, in Victoria Park. The walk will pause halfway at Reep House on Mill Street (see site 16) to see and discuss the flood adaptation measures taken in the retrofit of this groundbreaking demonstration home. "100 year flood" is a term used by conservation authorities to define a major, catastrophic flood event that peaks at a certain elevation. The urban cores of Waterloo Region have 100 year floodlines, affecting thousands of properties, and few of us are aware of their extent. Our current climate emergency means 100 year floods are happening more often, but we can take mitigating measures to adapt. A great first step is awareness of who will be affected, and how. Join Graham Whiting for a 90-120 minute walk through Kitchener’s core during which you will literally trace the 100 year floodline, in sidewalk chalk, and discuss the implications, opportunities, and fears of water moving over land in our cities. * An additional floodline walk will take place in Waterloo. See site 6. • Water Theme Site • Guided Tour