3. Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) 595 Parkside Dr., Suite 2, Waterloo @medadotorg built 2013, renovated 2018 design: NEO Architecture Inc., Kitchener Learn what it takes to help tackle global poverty: tour MEDA’s international headquarters, explore its mission to create business solutions to poverty, and see how its new, thoughtfully designed offices reflect values of environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Guided tours from 1 to 3 p.m. will highlight the design and technologies which foster creativity, collaboration, and community while interweaving stories about international work in countries like Ethiopia, Myanmar, and Nicaragua. During construction, reducing material waste was emphasized. Long-lifecycle, movable wall systems were used throughout. Water was another focus. Our region has hard water, and MEDA installed a scale-reducing system that, unlike most equipment, uses no power and wastes no water. When the guided tours aren’t running, staff throughout the space will chat individually with visitors. • Water Theme Site • Parking • Full Wheelchair Access • Washrooms • Guided Tours • Green Building