38. Dayalbagh Radhasoami Satsang Association of North America – Canada (DRSANA-Canada), 34 Eagle Hill, Cambridge, Ontario, built 1867, renovated 2017-2018 , Etiquette – what you need to know: • No shoes, food or drink are allowed in the prayer hall This hilltop heritage building with its majestic view is iconic in Hespeler. Originally St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, it is elegantly embellished with ornate stained-glass windows, an organ, beautiful woodwork, and an embossed tin ceiling. Following the recent acquisition by DRSANA-Canada, renovations were undertaken to repair and enhance the building. It serves as a place of weekly worship according to the teachings of Radhasoami Faith (Religion of Saints), a place of training for holistic development including physical exercises, yoga, meditation, and spiritual education, for performing community service, and for promoting fellowship amongst all people to create a better world. Light refreshments will be served. • Parking • Washrooms