Mount View Mausoleum
29. Young Chapel and Heritage Mausoleum, Mount View Cemetery 80 Blenheim Rd., Cambridge, Built 1928-1929 (chapel), c.1920 (mausoleum), Design: G.R. Gouinlock, Toronto (chapel), Young Chapel is a beautifully preserved, infrequently opened, serene retreat in an idyllic hillside setting close to downtown. Its stained glass was recently restored, and its exposed-timber roof, hammer-beam trusses, chandeliers, bracket lights, woodwork, furniture, basement vault, two-floor casket hoist, and Young family crypt are all original. The immaculate neo-Gothic exterior features superb stonemasonry, original lighting and oak doors, and a slate roof. Built in memory of James Young, as a gift to the city, by his wife and sister. Young was a journalist, politician, businessman and MP in Canada’s first parliament (1867). The Mausoleum, also rarely opened, is one of the large community mausoleums built by the International Mausoleum Co. between 1910 and 1940. The stone-clad exterior has an arched entrance flanked by pilasters, and projecting scuppers to drain the roof. Inside are 360 crypts. Walls, trim, and floors are finished in highly polished marble. The barrel-vaulted central hall has a family crypt room with a bronze gate. The seven lovely, original stained glass windows are still in place. • Parking