8. Kaufman Footwear Lobby and Office, at Kaufman Lofts 404 King St. W., Kitchener, Enter at corner of King Street and Francis Street, NO Doors Open parking in the lot at Kaufman Lofts Built 1908, 1911, 1920, 1925, renovated 2005-2006, Design: Albert Kahn, Detroit (1908-1925), Quadrangle Architects, Toronto (2005-2006) This is a rare opportunity to step through the impressive main entrance of the Kaufman Footwear factory, now Kaufman Lofts, and visit the lobby and former executive office. Both retain original decorative plaster ceilings, pendant lighting, woodwork, stone trim, flooring, and other original fixtures including a green stone fireplace. Leading industrial architect Albert Kahn designed factories of reinforced concrete that were at the forefront of a revolution in building technology, increasing window area, fireproofing, and open floor space; prefiguring modern architecture. This is one of two Kahn designs in our region (AirBoss Rubber Compounding in Kitchener is the other), with only a few more in Canada. Architectural Conservancy Ontario North Waterloo Region Branch volunteers will be on hand to share information about the Kaufman building, Albert Kahn, and conserving our local built heritage.