Water Ceremony
1. Water Ceremony for the Grand River 7:30 a.m. – 9 a.m. The Water Ceremony opens Doors Open Waterloo Region 2019. For Water Ceremony etiquette, please read this entire site listing: Gather at the Walter Bean Grand River Trail M.R. Good Family Trailway access point 650 Otterbein Rd., Kitchener (approach from Ottawa St. N.) • Please arrive on time • The Water Ceremony begins with a smudge in which all are invited to participate • Women lead the Ceremony, and are asked to wear skirts to honour its protocol • Rain or shine; sturdy footwear recommended • You are invited to bring a chair to be comfortable as we enjoy the Spirit of the Water All Nations are invited to the edge of the Grand River to participate in honouring the Spirit of the Water. This traditional Anishnaabe ceremony is practiced as a way to stay connected to the Spirit of the Water, to pray for her, to sing to her, and to feed her. As with the recent Water Walks along the full length of the Grand River, we are asking others to help us re-connect to Creation and to Nibi (water). * If you have any of the following ceremonial elements, please bring: tobacco, a drum, a shaker. We can provide tobacco to those who don’t have it. Water Theme Site Parking Full Wheelchair Access