2. Evolv1, 420 Wes Graham Way, Waterloo www.coragroup.com @thecoragroup Built 2017-2018, Design: The Cora Group and Stantec, Waterloo, Canada’s first Zero Carbon Building: Design category (Canada Green Building Council), evolv1 resulted from a vision to develop sustainably. Its net positive energy performance (it generates more energy than it uses) earned evolv1 the highest of environmental certifications. Guided tours will highlight its features and technologies, including thousands of solar panels, a solar wall, a water cistern, high tech HVAC systems, a three-storey living wall, a geothermal well, 28 electric vehicle charging stations, and daylight harvesting. The 104,000 sq. ft. evolv1 is the newest of four Cora Group buildings at David Johnston Research + Technology Park, three of them LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. Visit evolvGREEN, EY, and TextNow, and take in an expert talk for this year’s Doors Open WATER theme • Water Theme Site • Parking • Full Wheelchair Access • Washrooms • Guided Tours • Hands on • Green Building • Talk